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  1. Has anyone seen or heard of a gauge face/needle kit for the 19-20 trucks yet. I had a set on my 2012 sierra and it really made a nice difference. The factory boring black gauge faces need to go... I'd like to find some red ones to go with my color scheme.
  2. I dont know if this is your style but I have never seen them with the "bolt on look". I'm thinking of getting a set to go with my fender flairs.
  3. You could always plasti dip the badges and peel the the inner (red) portion off and leave the chrome outer trim covered. I did it with my truck but decided to leave the chrome outline.
  4. Trying to mount them behind the grill will be hard because of the active shutters. Theirs not a lot of room between the grill and the shutters. I've seen people with the last gen trucks removing some of the shutters to put a light bar in place, but I dont know if this causes any problems with the system.
  5. I wanted a similar set up on my GMC, their are no options available like that yet. So after some thinking and looking at my factory grill I decided to make my own. I'm not sure if you have room on your grill but Its worth looking into.
  6. I did it on my GMC Elevation. It drove me crazy that that GM designed the Elevation with black out and body matched parts and then put chrome badges all over it.
  7. I looked at them. They have a lot for the previous gen trucks but they dont have a lot for this gen. If they do, I can't find it. I traded my factory wheels for these with my co-worker. I can trade back with no problem, but I really like the way the wheels look, but the tires look to small
  8. I was looking into 295/60R 20 but i dont have factory wheels. My wheels have a -24mm offset. I think I will buy a set of that size and try them. They are barely wider than what I have but taller than what I have now. The hight is what I'm after. The width is what is worried about.
  9. I have a 20 Sierra Elevation with a 3.5" Rough Country Lift. I swapped my factory wheels with a co-worker for some 20x10 with a -24 offset. He has some "what looks small" 285/55 R 20 tires on it know. What tire size do you recommend. My main question is what is the largest tire size I can run
  10. I assume your talking about the wheel arch moldings? If that's the part in wich your asking then yes they are a direct fit. Well at least by GM part numbers they are. The base model HD trucks have the same part number for wheel arch trim as the the 1500 trucks do. So if your looking to upgrade them they will work. Hope that helps. If that's not the parts your looking for let me know and I can try to help.
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