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  1. You are correct. I guess if he were an expert the glass would not leak. Same skill level as the robot that installed my window the first time on the assembly line. I should have said, installed by a glass company in town that has a very good reputation.
  2. Some new windows are leaking as well. I drove mine about 25 miles before i discovered it leaking again. Currently waiting on another window. And I did have the new model window installed the first time around by a glass expert.
  3. FUYAO E4 Installed my a company with a great reputation in my town.
  4. Another update! While I do like my dealership and the service manager my confidnce with them is starting to plummet. Picked up my truck Friday afternoon. Not feeling real confident because nothing was done to fix the issue. We had some nice weather yesterday and my truck was dirty from sitting at the dealership so I decided to give it a wash. You guessed it, just an easy hand wash with a normal water hose, not more water on the window or no less. And I have a leaking rear window. I stuffed a blue heavy duty paper towel into the sliding window track, this is the area I found water last time and told the dealership that. After washing a drying the truck I checked the paper towel and it was soaked. By looking at those pictures of the soaked paper towel, can you imagine how much water would enter the cab if the truck was sitting the the rain for a few days. Back to the shop tomorrow. I am quickly moving toward the Alabama Lemon Law requirements.
  5. Update, update. My truck is back home. 9 days in the shop this round. If you remember I took it in 5 days after a new window was installed after I found wet carpet. They pulled all the carpet, made sure everything was dry, ran several water tests and declare my truck ready to roll without finding any evidence of a leak. That wet carpet had to get wet somehow. I'm sure it is not fixed, but time will tell. On a positive note. My dealership seems to do a pretty good job and I rally like the service manager, he acts like he wants to help. This is a small dealership in a pretty large town. The only GMC dealership in town. They have Sierra's sitting around everywhere to be worked on. He told me, they are getting pretty good at dealing with spoiler removal and install. Sad!
  6. I was out this morning and close to the dealership so I decided to stop in and see if there are any updates. My truck has been in the shop since last Thursday for a leak after the second window install. Did not find out much other then they cannot find where the leak is coming from. I suggested they check the rear window. Anyway, all was not lost, I did snag a loaner while I was there. Also while there I did notice several Sierras in the shop and I spotted this truck outside. It did have the chalking job done to it. At least it was under cover. This is not my truck. Thought you guys may enjoy the picture.
  7. Just a little update on my situation. Truck been in the shop for the past five days trying to determine where the leak is coming from after my new window installation. No loaner car, what a pain. I got a call from GM today and I am quickly losing faith with them. My advisor seems to have his notes mixed up, does not listen to details. From my first call with him I told him I would like an extended warranty, he keeps saying I don't think we can do that. I told him, this cost GM $0.00 but gives the customer great piece of mind. Anyway, as i was talking with him today he out of the blue mentions he he going to send an email to one of his managers about a buyback. I'm certainly not holding my breath on that ever happening. So is this his thought process. No extended warranty but maybe a buyback? Funny!
  8. E4 And yes, anything can happen in an install. the guy that put the window in has been doing it for years and has a great reputation here. So I do have confidence in the install, but you never know.
  9. It certainly will be interesting when we find out what the cause is. I had my new window in for 5 days and only drove an easy 25 miles all on flat road before I discovered leaking again. And no freezing weather during those days as well. My truck is sitting in the shop now.
  10. Funny, you guys are correct, terrible design. My UPS guy who is a good friend of mine and loves GMC trucks was dropping off a package Wednesday. It was raining and we were looking at my truck. He said, well it's obvious to see what the problem is. As the water was rolling off the spoiler right down into the window seam. Here is an idea. GM redesigns the spoiler and does a retrofit. Installs them on al the trucks sitting on lots and sends owners with leaking windows new spoilers to have dealers install. It may cure the leaking issue. Sure it would cost a lot of money, but maybe would save money in the long run and for sure would help retain customers. It would never happen, but we can hope.
  11. So after I found water in my cab yesterday 5 days after my new window was installed I took it by the dealership this morning. Service manager wants it this afternoon. Talked to GMC to reopen my case. And here is a good one for you guys. The guy at GM said he had never heard of this issue. And was blaming the work that the glass installer had done. I had to laugh and then proceeded to educate him. Also pointed out this website for him to look at and gain more education. Of course I think he is lying about not hearing about this before. And no loaner car for me, damn. The adventure continues.
  12. The same number others have been posting on their new windows.43R-000072. I just did further research and found a little water in the track that the window slides in. Nice!
  13. Looks like my adventure has started back up. We have had a lot of rain the past couple of days. I checked on my window which was replaced last week. I could not see any evidence of it leaking. Everything looked good. Just out of curiosity I decided to check under the carpet just inside the rear door on the drivers side. The first place I had discovered wet carpet a couple of months ago. And guess what? It is wet. So call to the dealership and call to GMC. I'll keep you guys posted. Dammit!
  14. Sorry I had them reversed, I edited the post. My new window is 43R-000072 Same as yours. Is your new window leak free so far?
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