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  1. Hello I have a 2019 Chevy Silverado LT 1500 and I've had nothing but problems since I had it it hasn't even been a year yet and my truck has been in the shop for 4 times this time for 36 Days the day that I got it out I drove it for 2 days and it broke down again symptoms were the ESC light came on it wouldn't go into four-wheel drive and the braking system Park was malfunctioning I couldn't stop ran into an intersection while I'm in the intersection I had to blow my horn so that other drivers knew I was distressed and wouldn't hit me I could have lost my life I am so disappointed in this vehicle I called corporate and all they do is give me motivational speech that they're trying hard they're working on it but my truck is going on two months being worked on I do believe I have a lemon I will be contacting the New York State Lemon Law to see where I can go from there I want out of this truck I do not recommend it to anyone.
  2. I have Chevy Silverado 1500/2019 and my brake asst lits is on with traction control lite will not go into 4wheel drive emergency brake comes on in park have to put it in drive and press button to deactivate it once in drive and its winter .doe any one have this problem.HELP
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