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  1. Still have the P0 332 code going off and on? Cleared the code and used the truck for a 100 mile trip with my flatbed trailer, No code the whole trip. Drive locally and the code reappears? It seems to go longer and longer without sending the P0 332 code the more I use it and clear the code? Don't really understand?
  2. Hopefully this last bit of information will Help? The only code left is the P0 332 code. I've cleared it and it has stayed off for awhile now. I've tracked it down to: I will come on while decelerating or going down hill. I use the truck for hauling hay and it stayed off for quite awhile if I was using power or going flat or uphill. When I coasted downhill is when the check engine light comes on? Maybe time to cut my losses and call it good with only the 332 code (bank 2 knock sensor circuit low)?
  3. Ok, just took a test drive and the check engine light came on again? Only the P0332? Why does it take a couple miles at 2000 RPM’s to set off the code again?? Am I wrong thinking if it was faulty the check engine light would be on all the time? To me this doesn’t make any sense. If it’s bad it’s bad? Still confused?
  4. CamGTP, OK. Start over with square one? I'll keep everyone posted. If the smoke test goes good probably look into a new MAF sensor. Can I hurt the engine if the knock sensors are malfunctioning?
  5. Back to the starting line. Tested my truck at low speeds and short runs on the farm, everything looked great. Went on the highway at about 2000 RPM ( about 55 MPH ) for a few minuted the check engine light came on. Checked the codes and back to 332, 327, 172, 174? Am I looking at the wrong stuff? Willing to give it one more try to solve the problem? Kinds getting PO'ed doing the same thing with the same results over and over? ( Someone told me that's a sign of insanity ).
  6. I tested my truck and the 332 code reappeared at about 7 Highway miles. I erased the code to see if it would come on again? I’ve plowed and driven low speeds since and no codes yet? I am going to test it at highway speeds this week? I will post the results later.
  7. Yes, All the codes are correct. I've been able to erase and the codes with up grades and searching for leaks. As of now I only have the 2 knock sensor codes. The prior knock sensors were "lifetime Warranty" but low quality, swapped them for ACDelco sensors now. I've checked out the harnesses and sensors before installing them. Used a vise to hold the sensor and tap on the vise and check the reading with a multi-meter. I also checked the sensors after removal and they were faulty. Am I looking in the wrong area for a fix?
  8. Riverbanks, I had only the P0327 and P0332 codes last time I had the check engine light come on. I think your right 15 lbs? I was thinking the manifold torques.
  9. Tim, Any suggestions on what to look into.
  10. Txab, Torqued to 10 ft lbs. I don't have a inch torque wrench.
  11. Newdude, Harness, sensors, and manifold gasket each time.
  12. I'm having chronic troubles with knock sensors on my 2001 GMC 2500HD 6.0L. I've replaced them 3 times in about as many months. The first ones were "Lifetime warranty" But they failed twice. I replace both sensors the wiring harness and manifold gasket each time. The last set was AC Delco and now I'm having to replace them again after getting the knock sensor codes. Any insight to this hit and miss problem? I replace them and drive 10-14 miles and the codes are back! One final question? Can I reuse the intake manifold seal if it been installed for a month or less? This goes against my better judgement! But I spending a small fortune on manifold gaskets. I'm getting efficient at completing this work! But I don't want to be!!! Any help appreciated.
  13. Carbole Knock Sensor Harness Pair Kit is the sensors and harness I used. They have a lifetime warranty is why I used them. The MAF I would have to check on? I replaced that about 2 years ago. "How is the fuel pressure" A new Herko fuel pump last summer and a new check valve. Pushing about 45 - 50 PSI. I also replaced the fuel pressure regulator at the same time.
  14. Thank you George. I cleaned the MAF sensor and all the codes disappeared. You are amazing! About 8 miles and two hills later my "service engine soon" light came back on? But only the 332, 327,172, and 175. I'm making some headway. I'm still confused about the knock sensors? ( they are new )Why is there no code then after driving highway speeds they shortly return??? I mean it! Thank You George.
  15. I’m driving a 2001 GMC Sierra 2500HD 6.0L. I had codes P0332 & P0327 knock sensors. Low voltage output. So I replaced the knock sensors & intake manifold gaskets, and cleared the codes. When driving down the highway about 40 mph or more the check engine light appeared again. Again I have P0332 & P0327! Along with that I also have P0: 171, 172, 174, 175, 507, and 101. I found a vacuum leak to fix the P0507. If I drive slow ( as in plowing snow ) there’s no issues. If I go on the highway all the codes come back ( except the P0507 ) I’ve replaced the MAF last year with no issues until now. I searched for leaks using smoke and only found 1 that corrected the P0507 code. I’ve torqued the knock sensors to 15 ft. Lbs. and the intake using a 2 step torque sequence and pattern. I just cleared the codes again for myself to recheck. No codes yet but I haven’t gone down the highway since. ?? Any ideas??
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