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  1. My average is actually up to 15.9! I'm slowly climbing. My first few tanks manually calculated were within .1 of the average at the time. Going to drive full grandpa mode on 91 octane my next tank to see just how good I can get and then not worry about it from then on. Lol
  2. I definitely have an appreciation for that stance of trucks. I think it comes from driving 200,000 mile trucks with 33in tires that you can barely keep between the lines. Stock/lowered with good handling is pretty nice. Lol. But, I work off-road occasionally so I'll probably stick with a leveling kit eventually. 6th gear by 40mph is no joke. That and when it upshifts to stay around 1100 rpms while going up a hill. Drives me crazy. I think I could live with it for the time being if I was getting the fuel mileage but since I'm not I'd rather have performance. I think alot of guys don't notice the upshifting because they are relatively smooth and don't mind the delay between when the TC locks unlocks, down shifts, torque management, etc after applying the throttle. But for me, it's my power and I want it now! Haha. I just want mine to wait until like 2200-2500 rpms to shift in 2nd-3rd. I'll keep doing my research in HP tuners then.
  3. Mine is the base model too and I love it. 4wd shifter on the floor and same thing with the radio. I stream Spotify 90% of the time when I'm driving so the automatic sync is so handy. Those automatic power down and up feels like revolutionary technology to me. Haha. My truck that I traded in was a 04 chevy 2500hd single cab 6.0 with a 5 speed standard transmission. Crank windows, manual locks etc. Loved the simplicity, but the old girl just had too many miles to be considered reliable. I know I'll miss that truck eventually but this was the best decision.
  4. I bet your truck has a nice street stance to it. I never thought that I'd like the look of these trucks sitting lower but I gotta say they look pretty good. Still probably going to level mine. How did you like tuning yours with HP tuners? Any TCM tuning? Seems like the AFM/DoD delete is pretty straight forward but doing anything extra makes me a little nervous.
  5. Nice. I thought it looked a little like one, but I bet it makes a good driver!
  6. Yes, it's used. It only had 22,000 on it when I got it the beginning of this month though. Pretty new truck to me!
  7. And I also said for my personal application I don't see the benefits. Sounds like him and I drive similiarly. And he was getting much better fuel mileage. Almost 10 mpg. With and without AFM.
  8. Like I said, nasty storm. I did get the truck the same day so maybe I was more lead footed on take-offs. But that's really getting down in the weeds on the 70-80 comparison. My basic thoughts were I was getting poor mileage even for the driving circumstances.
  9. I run 87, that could be the key difference if everyone reporting the 22+ numbers are running 91. I figured most guys run 87, but that might not be the case! I like to run mine at 35psi, they are only at 30 because I haven't gotten around to it. If I could get just 18 mpg running 75 I would be extremely happy. Definitely not expecting amazing fuel mileage driving over the speed limit, but I also don't see why it's so low. Watching the tac from 75-80 there's only about a 200rpm difference on somewhat flat ground. That's what I'm going to start running in my truck, 0w-20 mobile 1 synthetic. Very curious to see if that makes much difference, I feel like it will. I notice that when I'm in v4 mode, the engine struggles to maintain speed at the slightest of grades. One tank I specifically wouldn't give extra throttle just to see how far it would slow down before downshifting or reactivating v8. Even by driving like this I wasn't breaking 15.5.
  10. I was traveling on I-44 which isn't a mountain pass but its definitely not Kansas. First trip was in nasty storm, second in ideal conditions. Either way, I'm getting 15.5 mpg no matter how I drive. Slow take offs, 70mph cruising, etc or normal driving cruising 75-80. There's plenty of other guys with basically the same truck, ones who even commented that were getting 24mpg driving "roughly" the same. Karnut even did tests with and without AFM with not much changes. I would agree with you that AFM undoubtedly has to work if you drove like the OP, on pretty flat roads. But when you are in and out of hills, in and out of cylinder deactivation, I'm not seeing the benefits in my application.
  11. This is what I said in my first post as one of my thoughts; "Coming back from the 5hr trip I actually ran 80 so I spent less time in AFM mode. This was the time frame which I got 15.5" That's what I was getting at, at 80mph I wasnt in AFM mode and was getting better mileage. Thanks for the sarcastic response but next time please read the post in it's entirety.
  12. Alright good to know. Not expecting a 10 mpg increase from oil but just wanting to eliminate any potentials. Not sure why the stealership put 5w-30 in it to begin with. I haven't looked into the hypertec. I'm thinking about using HP tuners to turn off cylinder deactivation, I know that you can also use it to make a custom tune for the ECM/TCM but that is outside of my abilities. So I'm really wanting to get it on a dyno and have everything professionally done. Just very wary of who I'm going to let do it.
  13. That's awesome. That's what I was hoping for. At this point I see no reason to keep the AFM, it drives me nuts and it's obviously not helping my fuel economy. Plus I'd like to do an engine and TCM tune because I don't really like the way it shifts and feels like there is plenty of horsepower there when torque management and whatnot isn't in the way. Did you run 0w-20 oil? And did you notice a significant drop in mpgs during cold weather? I'm from Missouri so it's not like the Frozen North or anything but it's been in the 20-30s and that's when I was getting 14.
  14. Plus awesome factory horsepower. No replacement for displacement. Yeah I want the 6.2 next, does yours have the 10 speed?
  15. Do you have the new 6.2 with the 10 speed? If so, how do you like it? I think that would be the next truck I would want.
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