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  1. Hey guys, I’m reaching out in hopes that someone else has had this issue in the past. A week ago my Canyon died on me in town a couple times. Just as if I turned the key off mid drive. Then the following day it didn’t want to start for more then two seconds immediately following it would shut off again. It hit me with reduced power. I had to make the trip back home which was from central Iowa to Omaha ne. My truck was indecently dieing on me. Finally got it to read some codes. Threw me the po335 for the crankshaft sensor. I replaced that and it didn’t change anything. I replaced the battery in case maybe I had a dead cell too. I took to the dealership and they informed me that I’m not loosing fuel pressure when it dies and I’m not losing my 5v signal from ignition switch when it dies either. Seems to act up more when it’s cold. Any information would be appreciated!
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