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  1. Thanks for the info. I was thinking of going with RC. Are there any major disadvantages using a bottom mount RC type kit vs. a top mount like Motofab? On a related note, the current difference between my rear and front spacing on my stock '17 Sierra Z71 is about 3.5". Is this typical? Distance measured from the bottom of the wheel well to the ground is 39.5" in the rear and 36" in the front. Regardless, I'll likely still go with a 2" as I don't mind a slight rake and I often have the bed full of tools which will drop the back a bit anyway.
  2. Thanks for the feedback. I was getting ready to pull the trigger then I went through the fitment page on the Back Rack website only to find the Encore is not compatible with Back Racks ? I'll do some more digging on other headache racks but I have a feeling I'll end up back to square one on the tonneau search!
  3. I'm considering the Extang Encore as well. Like you, the main reason is the accessibility from the from of the cover. Are you aware of any others (besides the Fold-a-Cover) that have this functionality? Is removal of the entire cover for full access to the entire bed as easy as they make it look in the videos? Also, do you know if a headache rack can be installed with the Extang Encore?
  4. Thanks everyone for the feedback. While these are solid options, I'm looking for something a bit more minimal/easy to remove. I occasionally need to transport ladders and longer pieces of lumber. That said, I'd like a half rack that I can potentially put right into the stake pockets when needed and store either in the bed under the tonneau cover or in the garage when not in use. All of the half racks I've seen mount inside the bed (not the stake pockets) which would prevent me from running a cover. I'm open to suggestions on anything that might solve for my situation!
  5. Bumping this as I'm looking to do something similar. I I'd like to run a tonneau cover that sits inside the rails and a half stake pocket ladder rack. You would think a stake pocket rack would be an easy find but my search has come up with nothing. Has anyone come across something like this that would fit in the stake pockets? Even if there is a mod to make this work, I'm open to trying that.
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