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  1. Yesss it's very similar to what you described. So I took it to the dealer today, tech test drove it for about 10 minutes and he was able to replicate the noise at different speeds. He said it could be metal scrapping on metal at very high frequency which may sound like that - he also said it could be a bunch of other things like muffler etc and that they need to look at it, so I dropped it off, they gave me a loaner and waiting begins. Luckily whatever it is will be covered under bumper-bumper warranty. I am just curious to find out what it is, will post again when I find out
  2. Mostly at all speeds - it doesn't always happen but when it does it's noticeable atleast for the driver. This is 2wd only
  3. Ok this has been bothering me for a few weeks now, I hadn't noticed this during the test drive (or maybe it wasn't there a few weeks ago) however I hear this weird hissing? or sipping? type noise when I accelerate. It sounds like letting air out of something - hard to explain. Problem is I went to the sales guy who sold the car and he said he doesn't hear anything, my wife didn't hear anything either - It is very faint on the driver's side. I have made an appointment with a tech from the dealer next week to get this checked out. Has anyone else experienced this? Or is this normal noise in GM/Chevy trucks?
  4. Thanks, that's reassuring! Also, just to clarify, my concern wasn't so much about paying for extended warranty (as a matter of fact I love warranties). On the contrary my main concern was that they are selling it short at only 100k miles, as most people told me nothing goes wrong for first 100k miles - How true is that for Suburbans in your view as you are a GM tech you must've seen quite a few suburbans being brought in for repairs and what usually goes wrong with them below 100k mile mark? I am tempted to get a quote from them to extend it to 150k miles if they would...
  5. I am not sure about this - it's a exclusionary protection, meaning they tell you what is NOT covered for Platinum and it doesn't list that. You can check it out for yourself int heir brochure here https://www.fidelitywarrantyservices.com/brochures/vehicle-protection
  6. Fidelty is also third party - only difference is that it is offered through dealer, but reading online reviews, people say you still have to file a claim and sometimes they send an adjuster which assess the repair costs etc while your car is parked at a dealer shop, can take several weeks sometimes. Also I looked around and any 3rd party offering warranties for over 100k miles are quite expensive as the risk for repairs is increased.
  7. What you said above is exactly what my point was - if I already have powertrain warranty till 100k (courtesy of GM Certified) should I bother with the bumper to bumper for extra 40k miles? True - cars now have very intricate electronic systems and it can be expensive to fix them. I guess that's what my question comes down to - are these repairs fairly common in Suburbans below 100k miles or not. My friend advised me that nothing happens until 100k that's why they sell these warranties, and that you are better off buying a warranty after 100k mark.
  8. Hello everyone, New to these forums - We recently (couple days ago) purchased CPO 2019 Suburban LT (very excited about the new ride). This particular vehicle was used for rental purposes so it has about 45k miles on it, however it is in excellent condition. Dealer offered us what he referred to as "Powertrain wraparound warranty" (Fidelty Platinum) - since this is a Certified vehicle, we already get 6yr/100,000mile powertrain warranty and 12month/12,000mile bumper to bumper by manufacturer. However, this wraparound warranty that they sold us is apparently "bumper-to-bumper" for the duration of our powertrain warranty. My question - is this warranty worth keeping? We paid $1540 for this (after he applied some discounts) comes with $100 deductible Since it's our first time owning a Suburban, I wanted to know if it may require repairs on the regular, especially for a vehicle which has seen 45k miles. If so, would this warranty be worth keeping or are we better off returning it? If you think about it - we paid 1540 for basically 4 years and 40,000miles since manufacturer covers upto almost 60k Thanks, Hasan
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