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  1. Ended up being a failure in the 4-5-6 drum/clutch assembly. New converter, solenoids, techm, valve body, hd clutches and steels, pump, and a few other odds and ends were replaced. Now the only noise she makes is the stupid chirp switching back to v8 mode, other than that super quiet. And here she is clutches assembled, awaiting final assembly and then assembled and painted.
  2. Update on my end. Shop ran a full inspection and their best guess is I have a failure inside the 3-5-R clutch assembly as well as possible torque converter issues as well. Tearing everything down on Monday to let me know the full extent of damage.
  3. Well that wasn't the answer I was looking for but awesome for you it's still under warranty! I guess if that's the case, with 124k on it now should I replace just the converter or rebuild the whole transmission? It seems to shift smoothly, but I don't know if the converter could send any metallic parts through the transmission if the clutch fails like this.
  4. Not sure if you're still looking for information on this or not. Aside from the custom truck scene, there doesn't appear to be a lot of options for "off the shelf" kits for air ride on large trucks and suvs like there are for cars. That being said, you could piece together a kit from bagriders.com. I'm not as familiar with the air strut suspension brands for the larger trucks so I can't really provide any input there. I would definitely recommend the Accuair Endo CVT as your tank setup. Everything is mounted inside the tank with bushings so it's much quieter than having a separate tank, valve, and compressor setup. They equate the compressor running to a phone sitting on a table ringing on vibrate vs the normal loud/obnoxious air compressor noise - big plus seeing as it is typically mounted in the cargo area. From the quick search I did on Bag Riders it doesn't look the kit comes with rear bags but that could just be the stock image they use. Although, you may not need rear bags if you're just getting in and out of the drivers seat. If it does come with rear bags the Accuair E-level system would be the best solution. A little more technical on install as you'll have to install their level sensors vs utilizing the GM ones. Also, get 3/8" lines vs 1/4". https://www.bagriders.com/air-ride-kits/chevrolet-tahoe-escalade-accuair-e-level-touchpad-air-ride-kit.html I also came across this PowerNation episode installing Kelderman goodies on a previous gen Denali. I can't find the kit on the Kelderman site but this may be worth some investigating as well. Kelderman is typically known for their giant lift kits but this looks pretty comprehensive including mounting points, harnesses, etc. https://www.powernationtv.com/episode/TK2007-15/a-lowered-denali-rewinding
  5. Exact same sound. Interesting that yours only happens when cold. I only notice it on mine when everything reaches operating temp. It's pretty much going to rain all week here. Hopefully this weekend I can get under there and do some more investigating. I'm tempted to just remove the whole exhaust from the clamp at the y-pipe back to try and rule out the valve and the clamps. It'll probably be stupid loud but oh well. Any tips from anyone on the best way to snake it out on jack stands without cutting anything?
  6. Not yet, unfortunately. 4 kids, just moved to a new house, and I had to do a brake job on the wifes van has kept me from tinkering with this thing as much as I want to! I definitely know that it chirps when switching from V4 to V8 and that's pretty common it seems like. Just haven't gotten down there to wiggle it around to see if it's also the rattle I've been hearing. Let me know what happens to yours.
  7. Well in that case sounds like a Corsa exhaust will be on order soon! Thanks for your help!!
  8. Ok, great - thanks! I've definitely heard the "chirp" when it switches back into V8 mode but wasn't sure if it was the rattle culprit as well. I did read somewhere where the rounded clamp that connects the catback portion to the y-pipe (I believe...first V8 so some things are still new to me) comes loose. I tried to move it around and it appears pretty solid. I did see where that valve is while I was down there. Is there a sure fire way of testing it to see if that's truly where it's coming from? Thanks again!
  9. This page has several documents and release dates starting with the 2015 MY. May be worth taking a look and possibly contacting a dealer depending on your mileage. https://ww7.oemdtc.com/4011/wind-buffeting-drone-type-noise-and-or-body-pressure-booming-and-or-water-leak-2015-2018-cadillac-chevrolet-gmc
  10. New to the forum. Coming from VW's so I'm used to the forum game and I've searched and searched before I posted anything. It may be out there but I haven't found it yet. Has anyone experienced an intermittent metallic rattle seemingly coming from the passenger side? Seems to happen in both V4 and V8 and also when I manually control the gears. In the video I just left it in M5 and had it shift on its own. 120k on the clock, L86, 6L80. Skip to around 1:20 to hear it best. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
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