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  1. Sorry for posting so late, but I found that the noise was coming from the right from mud flap, it’s GMC originally equipment, the front screw had worked it’s way loose or it was never tight from the start. I tighten the screw and drove the truck two hundred miles and there was no noise, I’ve been driving it for the past month and no noise, so thank you for the tip.
  2. When I get it back from the dealership I will update the post, thanks for replying.
  3. I recently bought a 2020 GMC sierra Denali, i got it new, about 200 miles on it, I didn't notice until i got on the interstate that at approximately 65 to 85 mph with cruise set on it that you can hear a rattling noise on the passenger side, you only hear it a high speeds, sometimes you can hear the noise over the radio. First it sounded like crickets in there, i was able to get a recording for the dealership a few days ago, It doesn't do it all the time, if you just drove around town doing average speed you wouldn't notice it, but Its on the way back to the dealership, I didn't want them going into the dash to make matters worse. Has anyone experienced any similar noise on their truck.?
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