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  1. Thinking of putting larger tires on, and lifting 2001 Silverado Z71 Extended 2", or so. Bought it new, and put 16" x8" American Racing wheels on it, from the beginning. I am having those powder coated. Have had 265/75R16 on it for about last 12 years. The first 7-8 years, I ran a larger tire than I have now, but cannot remember the size. (275-285 ?) They looked great, but at times, had some slight rubbing issues when turning sharp. Since running the present 265/75, I have intermittently cranked the torsion bars up over the years and they are maxed out now, with front maybe very slightly lower than rear. I did purchase some new keys a year or so ago, but have not installed them yet. Would not mind if front is slightly higher than rear, after all is said and done. I am 71 years old, and still like the old school look of jacked front. : ) (Brother and I owned/raced a '63 409 back in the day...…"remember those thrilling days of yesteryear" !) Any ideas of the largest tire size that will work ? I naturally want to mount the new tires on the reconditioned wheels......just once. Certainly appreciate any help. Thanks Much
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