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  1. Subscription much appreciated brother, the kids are always so happy for each one Yes I know Wayne, he is the older gentleman with the black Granny, used to have it parked right by the announcer booth at the starting line and raced it sometimes too. Love that car, I think it's just bolt-ons. I took 3rd place at Super Chevy Sunday in '06 - got a "Money Winner" sticker and a check for $100 from Moroso Motorsports Park. Got a nice old video of that event too. Yes, next mod will need to be track bars for the wheel hop and leaf spring bind. We welded the factory open differential and the process is very well documented in the "Fire and NOS" video right below the latest one on our channel. The trims are crazy because I am still tweaking the tune for E85 and may not have taken the correct or most direct route. Initially it idled extremely rough with the flow mods, this is noticeable in the video "Enter Plan C". So far I've managed excellent starting/idling, and daily cruising manners as well as very respectable track performance. But the fuel economy is 12 MPG and trims are whacked as you pointed out. Work in progress... We have one that just turned 13 and one that just turned 16. I try to get them as involved as possible and they make an appearance in most of the videos, also help a lot with repairs. But until they turn 18 and start actually racing video games and other nonsense are a strong competition to the things I aim to put them on to haha. Lead by example I suppose... Likewise James!
  2. yeah man! I say Moroso or West Palm Remember "Midnight Madness" and Super Chevy Sunday?? I was kicked out in '09 for running a half dozen mid 11s @ 124 with no rollcage in a Mazda Rx-7, good times Fast forward to the 1/8 mile stuff, always lived in Homestead and a 3 hour drive is just too much, especially in a racecar. When Countyline Dragway opened I was a huge supporter of it and learned about and got hooked on the short track. My '06 2500HD Duramax was undefeated for 3 years until they closed the track, just mild bolt-ons and heavy tune running consistent 1.80 / 8.6 / 78 The Rx-7 also went 7.5 @ 96 there on low boost CURRENTLY, I am putting all my efforts energies and resources into teaching my family (two teenage sons and my lady) the ways of legal and sanctioned 1/8 mile drag racing at Homestead. Races are held every two weeks with lots of people coming out. Our truck is a humble budget work truck following in my ways of being very competitive. 2002 C1500 short bed regular cab Silverado, 5.3 flex fuel "Z" motor and 4L60 Mom races it and she is always behind the wheel at the track. I have an old Camaro if I get the itch. This is all about her and the kids. Our best time just recently is 8.80 at 78.0 with a 1.9 sixty foot. Modifications are mild at this time, stock cam and heads, and 3.42 gears still. You could say it's running quite well for what it is. Bought it for $2800 a year ago as a salvage title crashed truck. If you had a chance to peep at the video I posted you can follow all the details and progression. That is our goal to have a positive outlet for the kids and gain a network of friends into similar builds https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4gts22oCIfSw3ueHB03rHQ
  3. I used to race the in West Palm when it was called Moroso. I ran my GMC Syclone there (sold). Yes we have quite a few respectable trucks here at Homestead. Several in the low 6s and a few in the mid 5s. I've gotten used to 1/8 mile, it's all I know now
  4. This is our truck raced by my lady last Friday at the track:
  5. Homestead Speedway. It's an 1/8 mile on the Nascar track straightaway. The left side grips better because it's concrete, the right side is asphalt. We have tons of timeslips and videos from just this year nice to see fellow full size Chevy truck drag racers
  6. We raced a whiteTundra and beat it. My lady drove our family 5.3 race truck (It is a 2002). IT WAS ON THE TRACK lol. I made an awesome video of the whole thing
  7. Congrats on the great times, representing the 5.3! We are also running E85 and similar times in our family race truck, but it's an older 5.3
  8. I have a very similar setup and running ACDelco Dextron VI. 2002 C1500 4L60 with FTI 3200 stall. No issues so far, 15 drag strip passes and several thousand miles and temps are staying at 170 even with the stock cooler.
  9. Well how did it turn out?? We raced against a 6.2 the last two events in a row with our 5.3 family race truck. Got beat both times but just by a hair
  10. Man that's so awesome! Reminds me a lot of what we are doing in our family Chevy race truck. Always giving cars a hard time and very close races Even our times are similar. Good job!
  11. That's really nice! What was your 1/8 mile time? We run ours regularly at the short track nearby, but it's an older one. Always love to see trucks racing
  12. We race our 2002 C1500 Silverado regular cab. I say "we" because it's actually my lady that is behind the wheel at the drag strip. I just daily drive it to work to sort the bugs out and do the repairs with the help of our 2 teenage sons. It has headers and last Friday she ran an 8.80 at our local 1/8 mile drag strip, gapping a turbo Civic by a good length. We took plenty of pictures and videos, it was a fun family time.
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