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  1. @AdamAT4 Where did you get your under hood terminal block from? Any links????
  2. @2k19Sierra Are you just shifting the 5Amp fuses to the left or right for ignition or switched power?
  3. Yep, went back through the entire thread and found the green/blue wire. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but looking at the schematic in #153 I see some reference to “blunt cut configurations” I’m assuming they map as so: Aux 1 - Blue Aux 2 - Grey/Black Aux 3 - Brown/White Aux 4 - Yellow/Brown Aux 5 - Green / Blue
  4. Which wire in the grey connector? Also, anyone know which wires go to which button? The UI Bulletin doesn’t show the wire-to-button mapping.
  5. Thanks, thats more what I was looking for, pretty sure I will NEVER be running a beacon light but I would like to use the 5th switch for other things.. What type of terminal block did you use? Any specs on it would be very much appreciated!!!
  6. That’s an awesome update!!! Thank you. Question for the group, in as simple terms as possible, what’s the details on switch 5? Reading precious posts I understand it’s designed for a beacon or snow plow??? But can it be used for other things if so desired? Just want to make sure there aren’t any limiting factors with using it. Thanks in advance.
  7. @AdamAT4 You are correct, you are missing the cover connector, it came in the package with mine!
  8. Wow, those prices are crazy high. I was under $300 for everything on GM Parts Direct and a little higher on GMpartsstore.com
  9. Well darn, that sucks, I wanted to order all my parts today.
  10. The part number on the box in the pic is (84756684), when i search that on GMpartsdirect and GMpartsstore they both come back as a F (S) Switch Pkg...i just want to make sure this is correct before I order it.
  11. Is there a special part number to get them together or order them separately?
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