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  1. I didn't give that location a thought but it's definitely a good idea now that I see it. It would save me from pulling the upper door trim off too. I've got the Fosgate P165-SE to go in there. Thanks for the idea!
  2. Excellent amount of information here, glad that I've gone through it all. I'm going to install a component set in front this weekend and as I'm going through my steps I'm trying to figure out where to install the crossover to be able to tie into both the door and dash speaker wires? My thought is that if I place the crossover in the door itself I'd have to run new wire out the door and to the stock dash location which seems like a huge hassle to get through the harness in the door. I'm open to installing the tweeter on the upper door trim at the bottom/front of the window and just
  3. Looking for some help.. I have a '19 LT with chrome bumpers that I want to turn black. Front bumper is mint, rear bumper is dented and needs to be replaced anyhow. If I don't have to buy a new front and have it painted black I'd rather go that route and just have my current chrome one refinished black but I'm not entirely sure if that is the most economical path? Since the rear would be replaced I'd just get a primed ready to paint piece. Does Chevy offer already painted front and rear or are they all either chrome or unfinished? Hoping for any feedback.
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