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  1. I had the Flowmaster 10 series put on and had 3" duals custom bent. It's loud when you want it, but still quiet when cruising.
  2. Had the Flowmaster 10 series welded on with dual 3" coming out at 45's. Good and deep at idle and you can make er bark under throttle.
  3. I had the Super 44 on my last 6.0 and it sounded good and didn't drone IMO but wasn't quite loud enough, hence why I'm leaning towards the 10 series.
  4. I'm looking at getting some dual exhaust bent up for the truck. Would you go 2.5" or 3" piping behind the muffler. Probably end up with a Flowmaster 10 series muffler 3" inlet and outlet into a y-pipe for the duals.
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