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  1. Got my Amazon package with the spade disconnect I've been waiting for and was able to complete the install today. The F27 spare prong works great so far. Turns on with the truck accessory/full start, turns off when I open the driver's side door. My hard wire kit comes with a 3A quick blow fuse that's protecting the fuse box and vice-versa the camera -- the camera clearly won't be pulling anywhere near the 50A that F27 can support, but I'm happy to have the inline fuse to at least protect both sides. Here's my final setup -- the spade terminal connects to the lower half of the quick blow fuse which is clamped and heat shrunk a few times to hopefully aide strain relief so it doesn't pull out. I grabbed a pair of large flat washers and a #8 screw/nut pair to make a ground spot from the frame that's exposed in the passenger side fuse box. I then sent the power up from F27 through the passenger side A-pillar, up into the headliner where the roof meets the windshield, and across the camera/mirror box down to the camera on the driver's side behind the mirror (red wire in the picture below). The back camera starts at the windshield, goes up through the headliner/windshield gap, down the driver's side A-pillar, driver's side fuse box, and down the driver's front and back side where the plastic foot trim meets the carpet (just tucked under the trim the whole way) (purple wire in the picture below). The rear camera is as close to center in the back window as possible, but since I can't put it on the rear sliding window it's capturing more of the rear view from the driver's side than an on-center view -- good enough, though. The cam screen turns on when the car starts, and I've set it to turn off 15s after starting because I couldn't get it to a position behind the mirror that wouldn't be distracting for driver/passenger if the screen were constantly on. It's got a little red blinking light to indicate recording, which is hidden behind the mirror at least. All in Rexing V1LG camera + Rexing V1LG hard wire kit + spade disconnect cost about $160+tax and everything came from Amazon. Appreciate the input from j-ten-ner & obrien19!
  2. Got it -- appreciate the input. I am nervous about continual power to the camera draining the truck battery -- I don't drive every day and don't want the camera to infinite loop. It's got a parking mode that if it feels shock it turns on and captures like 20-seconds of recording, so hoping that's the solution for me. I've been digging further and found that there's a 50A spare prong on F27 that I can tie into with a female spade disconnect. The hard wire kit also has a 3A quick blow glass fuse that will protect the camera and fuse box from too much current, too. I ordered my electrical disconnects on Amazon (thanks to COVID-19 I can't just pop by the hardware store) and will get them later in the week to try out, but I'm hopeful this is a good solution. Otherwise 10A Micro3 ATL F26 will be my next bet. It's confirmed RAP used for USB and Special Equipment Option power that turns off/on with the truck, but I'd like to avoid using it if possible since Special Equipment Option power seems a bit ambiguous and I don't want to break something inadvertently. I'll update when I further later in the week.
  3. With it running 24/7, do you have concerns over battery drain?
  4. Hi there -- looking for some advice on dashcam installation in my new 2020 Sierra SLT. I had a camera in me previous vehicle that would auto power on/off when the car was started, but it was unsightly and was plugged into the cigarette lighter. For this one, I wanted a new camera that supported front and back views, and I wanted to hard wire it in. I bought the Rexing V1LG camera, the Rexing V1LG hard wire kit, and an add a fuse kit. I've got everything setup, but cannot seem to find an appropriate fuse on either driver or passenger side fuse boxes that enables to camera to turn on/off with the vehicle. I was anticipating the F50 fuse on the passenger side box would be great since it's unused to begin with, but the camera never turns off. While I'm doing the testing, I've got the passenger and driver doors open and start the car into accessory mode. When I turn the car off (doors are still open) the camera does not turn off -- I can't determine if this is because the fuses are all constant power, or if there's an issue/config on the camera that needs to be set (my previous one didn't have any config for this, it just did it out of the box). Any thoughts on which fuses I should try to make this work? I'd love to keep it on the passenger side but moving to the driver's side would be OK if needed -- I would like to avoid going to the engine fuse box if possible, however. The owner's manual has the driver & passenger fuse information starting on page 374, if helpful. Thanks in advance!
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