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  1. There is a new update out for the navtv, supposed to cure our issues posted 2 days ago
  2. Just an update, NAVTV zen avb-gm quit working on my way to work this morning. Had about 72 hours of working fine and then poof and its gone.... This is my replacement unit.... Hopefully there is a software update that fixes this
  3. What reset button? I got mine in and replaced it wednesday, I still have to send the old one back... I have to pay shipping there and I had to prepay the replacement.... If this one doesn't work, I am going to be livid.... Are there any other solutions if this fails.... Knock on wood mine keeps going the new one had been working for 2 whole days.
  4. I have a bad navtv unit, after about 40 mins or so I get some static in the system, it goes away after I shut everything down for a few minutes. I messaged the navtv support team and they asked when I bought it, I said 4/10/20 he said it needs to be exchanged. I had to buy a new one and then send the old one back for a refund. Hope that corrects it, $600 is alot to spend to on something that isn't perfect. But if you want to play with the newest tech, you have to be willing to work through some bugs. Ill keep you guys posted.
  5. I havent actually installed mine yet. Its sitting at the shop to be put on in a week or so. But I rode in one with it and it sounds excellent sold me on it easily
  6. https://mbrpexhauststore.com/2-5-cat-back-dual-rear-t304-chevy-gmc-1500-silverado-sierra-6-2l-2019-2020/ they offer 10% off if you enter your email into the pop up, free shipping and no tax so it was $679 out the door if I remember correctly.
  7. I looked at everything multiple times and ended up going with the retraxone garage door style, got it on sale from 4wd parts for 15% off with free shipping. It takes up some bed space but the ease and security really pushed the decision over the edge. I coupled that with a bed rug and it basically gives me a huge functional trunk with dry storage and security. I looked at the hard covers over and over again but the retrax won for me. All the options people are giving are all quality and you can't go wrong. The only thing that worried me about the soft covers was they can sag, but a proper soft cover will be fine.
  8. You should look at the MBRP, they really have what I feel was the best sound at any price for my taste, you can get the 409 ss kit for $550, alum $400 or the 304 SS for $750 ( I bought this one from https://mbrpexhauststore.com/ ) for $675 shipped to my door. I feel it was by far the best bang for you buck, and if you want to save some money go with the 409 ss. But for $675 its a great sounding and high quality setup. I had a 304 ss MBRP on my 2005 yukon since day one and it never had any issues and always sounded good. There are videos out there for these if you want to hear the sound.
  9. So here is what I am thinking about Hybrid Audio Technologies Unity 6x9 shallow midbass $400 Hybrid Audio Technologies Unity 3.7" wideband $200 JL Audio VX1000/5i $1300 Navtv interface $600 MTI dual 12" sub box with 12w3 subs $1100 Install hardware / sound dampening $300~ I am planning on toslink cable from the NAV TV interface into the amp and then running the front stage active 2 way with the internal DSP on the amp. I think all in all it will come in about $3400 for everything
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