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  1. Thanks for all the info. Ok so i found another 4.8 same year less miles and less money so I canceled the order for the 5.3 I would have liked to do that one but With everything going on and the fact the closest shop that could do anything to the ECM is 200 miles away and I just need to get it going again. It should be a direct swap correct? I will just build the old 4.8 that I pull out of my truck up if its not got a cracked block it would not turn over. Pulled all the plugs tried again and a lot of coolant came out of cylinder 4 and the oil pan is full. I drove it and parked it. every thing was fine befor I went to go home and it would not turn over. so I dont think I broke anything on the bottom end. it all seems to turn over no crazy sounds with no plugs in. Just need to get it going asap and I dont to take my chances on a head gasket then find out it was something else. That's why I'm changing the motor. And I asked a lot from the old 4.8 hauling older trucks and other things that where probably to much for it over long distance. and hauling a 275 gallon tote of water in the bed 3 to 4 times a week all year long. I also have air bags coming that should help with hauling the water
  2. I dont know if the wiring harness is coming with it . is the the afm ran off the ECM
  3. My motor went out I have a 4.8 in a 2008 I got a 5.3 coming I haul 250 gallons of water 3 times a week so I figured if I need to replace it the 5.3 was not that much more its out of the same year truck with the ecm out of the same truck will every thing swap over even if it has AFM on the 5.3. Is there a plug on the 4.8 wire harness for it? What else do I need to know. I live in alaska in the middle of know where I know the 6.0 is better but i got what i got i cant just go on ebay and order what I want getting stuff to ship is hard and if you can find one to ship it's way to expensive so don't comment telling me to just get a 6.0 I got what I could to get it running again.
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