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  1. So my 14' had the brakes and rotors replaced before I purchased it and I've been noticing a squeal/squeak when slowing down from 20+ mph. I took it back and the dealer said they would replace them under warranty, which they did for the front pair since they were suspect, but the same squeal is there. They weren't sure why and said it is common for certain brake pads to do this, although they wouldn't upgrade them. I've been driving it like this for a few weeks now, so not sure if brake bedding is necessary at this point, but I have a feeling it wont go away on its own. Its not constant and requires a certain pressure/speed on the brakes in order to make the sound, but when it does, it drives me crazy. What brake pads are yall running and do you think its worth the trouble for me to spray the back of the new pads with some brake silencer, or just go ahead and put different pads on it? Thanks.
  2. Before I waste too much time or money, can anyone me if this leveling kit with the stock upper control arms and not cause the ride comfort and control to suffer much? I was told that adding 3 inches in the front causes the arm to hit the bump stop and the ride will not be acceptable, so now I'm looking at 2 in the front. If this works, I'm considering putting 2 inch blocks in the rear to keep some rake. Thx 14' Silverado double cab 2wd
  3. That's good news. Let me see if I can get them to send me a pic. $100 for the pair.
  4. So, they said they came off a Sierra crew cab, but they may be mistaken. Here are the side steps for sale. Thanks for mentioning all the hardware needed.
  5. Hey all New to the forum so hello everyone and just picked up a 14' Silverado double cab 4.3 WT. I'm vertically challenged and need to add some side steps, but this seems to be a confusing topic as far as getting a straight answer anywhere. Will 16' Sierra crew side steps with 3 mounts fit on my Silverado? Local sale and have already spoke with owner. I noticed a number of rubber plugs underneath the inside of the body but not sure if these are even mount points. Let me go ahead and take some pics, Thanks!
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