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  1. The Gloss black center matches the emblems that I replaced last week
  2. Made a few changes today went with the full black gloss grille and the black lower filler.
  3. I actually have a guy that wants my grille and filler. How much are you thinking for the grille and the bottom filler?
  4. No Camera I am going to do a side by side with my LTZ Z71 and an LT Z71 and see if there is any significant difference.
  5. I am looking to go from the shinny LTZ grille on my 2020 Silverado 2500hd to the LT grille that is not so shinny. Has anyone done this and is it a direct fit plug and play? Also looking to replace the shiny lower bumper filler also to the LT black one... Any and all info would be greatly appreciated
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