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  1. I have tiny little specs on the windshield of my new truck. 850 miles. I have had this before on cars with lots of miles - I think it’s caused by sand/dirt after a lot of driving. When the sun hits it, the glare is significant. But, how can this happen on something new? I bought it with 9 miles two weeks ago. I did take one 600 mile trip. But, I can’t imagine that caused all the specks. Any ideas?
  2. It is technically new because it hasn’t been registered. It’s a demo. They will never get full price.
  3. Here’s one that’s pretty close. https://www.cars.com/vehicledetail/detail/809486084/overview/ MSRP $50530 Current asking price $42650 or this one: https://www.cars.com/vehicledetail/detail/786045146/overview/ or this: https://www.cars.com/vehicledetail/detail/804880423/overview/
  4. I found out what happened. When it was taken off the transport truck, it was scratched on front by the chain. The dealership made a claim on the transport insurance policy. Then the dealership sent it to an auction where my local dealer bought it.
  5. I bought a 2019 RST Crew Cab with all star package, 5.3, and loaded with lots of options in Cajun Red. Here’s the amazing thing: it was a Certified Pre-Owned with NINE miles. So, it’s essentially new but gets all the CPO longer warranty. Sticker was over $51K. I got it for $40,300 and they gave me top dollar for my 2017 Toyota 4Runner with 45K miles.
  6. If the 2019 8 speed does not have the problem does that mean it has the new updated/different fluid. My 2019 RST has less than 800 miles. The dealer told me yesterday they have not had the problem with 2019. But, when I take off from a stop especially when everything has not warmed up, it feels like I am going over a rough road. It’s a shudder. I also felt a VERY harsh down shift when I had to stop quickly at the end of a highway off ramp. I’m thinking the problem has not been solved or I have a different problem. I will say this is the first vehicle of any kind that has a transmission with more than 5 speeds and most have been 4 speeds. The last truck I had was a 92 F-150. So, maybe I’m not used to how these transmissions shift. But, I have had a lot of vehicles and driven a lot of miles, so I THINK I know when something doesn’t feel right.
  7. I brought my new 2019 Silverado RST to the dealer because TPMS was saying service. I also told him about the transmission shudder at sLow speeds. They said they couldn’t duplicate it. They claimed they have had the problem and on older trucks but not on the 2019. I’m thinking this is BS. Anyone had the problem on a 2019 with 8 speed?
  8. My new 2019 Silverado RST with 23 miles has a TPMS problem. I got the service TPMS message. I took it on a trip the day after I bought it and when the message came up, I checked the tires and two were low. I aired them up and the tire pressure light did NOT go away. It is still on after several data and after driving 500 miles. I figured out how to check the various stuff in information center. When I get to tire pressure part, it shows no reading on all four tires. It just has a dash for each one. Is this something I can reset? Am I supposed to set it? Still waiting to hear from service department.
  9. First Post. Just bought this Sunday. 2019 Silverado RST. 9 miles! (5.3L, 2WD).
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