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  1. I have already cleaned the throttle body and IAC but I will monitor fuel trims next thanks for the tip.
  2. P0101 confirmed code for the MAF again, going to check intake manifold bolts again and check for a vacuum leak. If I dont find anything I'll check the MAF wiring.
  3. It didn't stall or stumble for awhile but their both back now unfortunately. I just threw a check engine light when I was towing so depending on what that code is I will likely follow what it was set for. Shame as the truck runs great otherwise. I'll get back to you with the code.
  4. I did check everything I was able to with my scanner at home for the intermittent MAF and MAP codes and wasnt able to find anything. Another user on a different forum suggested I check the intake manifold bolts as they tend to come loose and sure enough the front 4 out of 8 bolts were loose. Torqued to 10ft/lbs spec and Truck is running much smoother now.
  5. Replaced the MAF sensor and still experiencing stumbling, no stalls though. Now have a pending and intermittent MAF code P0101 after clearing codes and installing new MAF.
  6. Hi all Just replaced the Crank Sensor on my 02' 2500HD 8.1 and it still stumbles occasionally and stalls the same as it did before. It will start right back up and run for hours fine after. I got the OEM ACDelco part and it looked identical to the one that was in the truck. No codes are being set however I have two intermittent codes when I read it with my scanner P0101 and P0107 MAF and MAP codes. My wiring harness all looks intact and I wiggled every connector and plug wire while the truck was idling, still nothing. I also viewed the RPM signal and MAF signal when it was stumbling and they both were working no spikes are drops in the signal.. What else could cause the truck to just die? Cam sensor? Throttle body? Fuel pump/relay?
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