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  1. I picked up some Morimoto fogs and an OEM wiring harness that I’m going to try out. I will post pics when I’m done.
  2. Yes I was thinking about the morimoto fog lights, just trying to figure out the harness situation. I think they make a harness that splices from the headlight.
  3. Hello all! I am new to the group. I want to replace my headlights with new aftermarket ones. Preferably with DRLs but my truck didn’t come with those. I will settle for nice ones without the DRLs if there is no way to get them to work. Anyone replaced their lights with aftermarkets? If so any suggestions?
  4. As an update to this topic, I took the truck to the dealership today and they informed that there was a crack in my right headlight (which I knew about) and that water is getting in the headlight and causing problems with the electrical. Long story short, I have to replace that headlight and hope that there aren’t any more problems stemming from that. Any suggestions on nice looking aftermarket headlights that will actually work, or should I just go with a regular replacement?
  5. No I haven’t. My truck doesn’t have the remote start feature. I’ll have to check the wiring out.
  6. Wow! Thanks. I just replaced the battery a few months ago. I thought with the truck trying to cut off that maybe it was the alternator. The ECM was replaced a couple of years ago. Funny thing is, I didn’t start having this issue until the brakes were replaced and rotors resurfaced a couple of months ago.
  7. I have a 2015 GMC Sierra SLE and I am having problems when I make turns. When backing or driving, my the steering wheel acts like it wants to bind a little. When this happens my radio screen goes blank and the lights go out on my dash and the truck acts like it wants to cut off. Also the stabilitrak light comes on. Has anyone had this problem with this model? Any advice would be helpful, I’m all out of ideas.
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