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  1. I am pleased with my new truck. It has a few months of bumper to bumper warranty left so if and issues come up they are covered. Its a nice vehicle to drive and other than a few scratches in the box liner it looks like new. [/IMG]
  2. I calculated the mileage from the actual fuel I put in the tank and the display was right on.
  3. I made it home yesterday afternoon with the new truck. The trip home was 15 1/2 hours driving 1407 kilometres or 875 miles. Other than a flat tire the trip was uneventful. The truck burnt 9.0 litres of fuel every 100 kilometres or 26.1 miles per gallon. I stopped to fill the fuel tank half way but I'm pretty sure it would have made the trip on one tank. I'm very happy with my purchase its the first GM product I have owned in a lot of years. Its very quiet at highway speeds and everything in the cab is nicely laid out.
  4. I gave the dealer a $500.00 deposit on the truck today and I will fly there and drive it home next week. No turning back now! I will keep you posted as to how it works out!
  5. Five of my last six vehicles were Ford F150s and one was an older 1982 GMC 1500. They all were very reliable vehicles. The vehicle I am driving now is a 2011 F150 ex U-Haul vehicle. I have owned it for over seven years and it has not needed anything other that oil changes gas and a set of tires and I replaced the front rotors and pads last week. Up here in Canada's west coast every truck I have looked at is either overpriced or very high mileage or both.
  6. The warranty start date was February 28 2018 so there is still 7 months bumper to bumper warranty on it. If I decide to purchase it I was going to buy a one way ticket to Vancouver B.C. and drive it home. If I test drive it and there were problems with it I would have to make my way home without it.
  7. Its on a dealer lot and it was originally a U-Haul. I believe U-Haul charges a substantial cleaning fee if you smoke in one of their vehicles. They are asking $23000.00 Canadian which is a pretty good deal and I'm sure there is some wiggle room. With 22000 miles on it it should not be too badly abused.
  8. Hi everyone and thanks for having me! My last two trucks were Ford F150s. It has been a few years since I owned a GM product. I am looking at purchasing a 2018 Sierra 1500 with 22000 miles on it. It has the 5.3 engine and a six speed transmission. It looks to be in pretty good condition with a few options. It was a rental vehicle for the first part of its life. I am curious if there is anything I should look out for or questions I should ask the seller. Thanks in advance!!
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