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  1. ya looks like most the catalogs haven't been updated for the 2021 trucks just yet. i actually decided to go with a soft top (super truck by bestop) i used to own a Nissan Titan and had a Leer on it, but at times taking it off to haul bigger (taller) loads it would be a pain to take it off and store it. I did make a few calls and found out that they are making them but as of right now due to the COVID situation (staffing) most of them were about 6-8 weeks out. And being on a time crunch, I need it by the 9th of Sept. hehe. Either way its more to house my doggos back there. Hard or Soft I don't think they will mind =p
  2. Hey all! new to the forums! I just purchased my first Canyon! it is the 2021 Elevation. I was wondering if anyone knows what Cap will fit it? i search Leer and Are, but seems that no one makes on for this specific year. Looking at the spec (bed wise) looks to be the same as the 2020 canyons. Any advice would be more than helpful. Thanks!
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