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  1. Can anyone help me figure out how to replace/repair the back lighting/console lighting in the heater controls? I have one light that comes on intermittently for the rear defrost but I don't know if there is a bulb to replace or you have to replace the whole control unit. The defrost does work and when I push on the defrost the indicator light does work but the back light for the switch usually doesn't. occasionally it comes on, but most of the time its out.
  2. I've added cargo light kit but my rear cargo light will not turn on. the light on the switch will not come on. Is there somewhere on the truck or in the DIC that I need this switch to be turned on or programmed? I bought the truck used recently so I'm not the first owner. I opened up the dash and checked the wiring to the panel of switches and everything seems ok. I check the fuse and its ok. When I turn on the ignition and then plug the panel of switches back in, the light on the switch comes on and the cargo light and mirror lights come on for about 30 seconds. then everything goes out and never comes back on, unless I go thru this same process again. This is driving my crazy. I don't understand why the switch is not working. Is there a trick with the switch that need to learn? This doesn''t make any sense to me. Can anyone help? 2018 silverado 2500 hd.
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