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  1. Hi guys & gals, I have a 1995 Sonoma, reg cab, 5spd, V-6, 4X4, a/c. I need to replace my starter. Have viewed several youtube vids. Most show having to remove "shield" from flywheel area. My truck doesn't show a shield. So have any of you actually replaced a starter on this exact body/equip style p.u.? I pulled the front rt wheel and crawled under. It appears that I need to unbolt the clutch release cyl. But, it sits very close to the oil pan and I really don't want to drop that. There is a metal bracing rod that I can remove for a little more room to drop the starter from underneath. I will need to be careful about bending the clutch release cyl because of condition of the tubing. Removing the exhaust manifold from a 25 year old truck doesn't sound like much fun. So, has anyone here "been there, done that"? I could really use some tips. Thanks Zeekid
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