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  1. Yep they were a pita... I took out hardware on the front and back mud flaps/guards and secured the bottoms of the liners but had to cut the bottom lip off of them to sit flush against the body when sandwiched to the body. I also used a ceramic coating spray on the liners when I took them out of the box and now spray what little can adhere to them with a hose and they look brand new w/ no effort. I am happy with purchase but they are not plug and play if you want them done right.
  2. Does anyone know what the plastic lower part of the front bumper is called? The part that has the fogs and tow hooks below the painted portion... If so what is the part number and where can I buy a new one. I got a little out of control on the trail the other day and stuffed it into the face of a whoop. Now its nice and scratched up. Thanks in advance.
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