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  1. I have a 2021 WT double cab 4wd standard box 2.7L with 255/70r17 tires on the steel rd6 wheels. I want to put some larger tires on to get abit more aggressive look. I was thinking about Falken wild peak at3w, Cooper st Maxx or Toyo open country at3. Size wise I was thinking 255/80r17 or 285/75r17 or something inbetween. I would like to see more rubber but don't want to burden the engine. Does a 255/80r17 look too skinny? What size looks best? I don't want something too wide but don't want it to look silly either. I am willing to level the truck but I tow a tool trailer everyday and with the trailer hooked up it's already fairly level. I realize with a larger tire a level may be required though. I just don't want the truck squatted and have to add air bags. I have been searching the web and found a post where someone with a WT talked about issues adding larger tires like speedo being off, issues with shifting and basically that these new trucks are sensitive to different tire sizes and that gm dealers need codes from gm to fix these issues but gm will only release the codes if the tire size fits with gm's requirements. If I go to a tire shop do they generally have the ability to change these things or do I have to add an aftermarket programmer? I apologize if this topic has been beaten to death already but if anyone can give me an education on this it would be greatly appreciated as I know nothing about the subject. Thanks in advance
  2. Dunno guy, that's why I'm asking for people's experiences with this
  3. Just bought my 2021 Silverado wt three weeks ago. Had oil gard done on it one week ago. Went to a self serve car wash this weekend and while cleaning the wheel well the hose wand removed a large chunk of the frames wax coating. The truck doesn't even have 1300 kms on it yet. I didn't even spray the frame directly as I didn't want to remove any of the rust proofing. I sent the pics to the sales guy, he said he would show them to his manager and see what they will do. He replied and said they would touch it up with rust proofing spray. If they think just spraying some rust proof on a brand new truck with less than 1300 kms on it and think I will be satisfied they have another thing coming. I have read some posts where people said the dealer completely removed all the wax and put on new undercoating. How did your dealer handle this situation for you and what is your advice for me.
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