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  1. Another update. Its been a few weeks. Lots of rain here in the Northwest and still no leak after the window was replaced. I took it to the self car wash(it needed it). Soaked the top and got it all shiny again. I didn't find a drop inside. I hope it stays that way
  2. Got my truck back this morning. They originally started with taking the spoiler off and applying the sealant. They confirmed this didn't fix the leak and kept the truck longer for a replacement window. So far so good, no leaks but its only Day 1.
  3. The TSB(18-NA-383....) for the sealant fix that dealerships have to do is only step 1 to prolong this problem out of the warranty. The next step is window replacement. The fix so dealerships can get paid is the bare minimum and people have found its a better solution to do it themselves and seal every bolt, crevice etc. Their fix is one bead line.
  4. Update: Dealership has been very knowledgeable and nice with my concerns so far over the phone. They tried the sealant fix but said it failed their tests afterwards. They will be replacing the rear window. They ordered a new window and its coming from the other side of the US so I'm going to have to wait at least a week due to blizzards / shipping.
  5. See you back here in a month. Enjoy the dry cab while you can.
  6. 2019 Silverado 1500 LTZ (Black Ops edition by Tuscany). Not sure how to check when it was built but according to my VIN it was in Mexico. I cant seem to find the date on the door. I joined the leaky rear window club yesterday morning. Well probably before then since I had weird moisture building up on the interior of the cab and for some reason my windows just kept getting fogged up so easily. Driver side is leaking pretty good, passenger side is a couple drips. I called the dealership and I'm scheduled for Dec 18th and they wont let me have a loaner. They want to charge me $35 a day to get a rental car through them. I opened a case with GM already. After reading about 120 of the 173 pages here, I'm tempted to do the silicone fix since I'm pretty good with shipboard electronics and use the marine stuff already. I'm just not too familiar with cars/truck maintenance repairs if its not an oil change or tire change. I'd also have to rent a dry space/garage since my truck doesn't fit in mine. I'm really concerned with water getting in and since its freezing at night here in Washington it will just cause further damage. Which I suspect is what triggered the water to be large enough for me to see it now. I've got a waterproof truck cover on its way but its going to be a huge hassle taking that off and on if I want to drive the truck and now on rainy days I need to leave it covered at home. I feel extremely robbed of the new car/truck experience from GM. I really wish there was a recall and permanent fix from GM already. I love the truck even though this will be the second time in the shop(a front left shaft broke already, J, F, or S, I don't remember but I still have the paperwork). I've owned the truck for 4 months and its spent 1/5th of its time at the dealership and with this it will only extend the time spent away from me. Edit 1, Dec 3rd: Changed dealerships to fix my truck. Going 30mins further to the next chevy dealership since the tech I talked with knew exactly what my problem was and said he just fixed one two weeks ago and I'm having the exact symptoms. Still they don't have a loaner vehicle either... its a Chevy Equinox for $35 a day.....
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