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  1. Yes there’s a lot of things involved in that circuit. Radio tested good, cluster is good. I Could check out others but I think it’s good for now. I appreciate the help of everyone
  2. Haven’t gotten any help so after a lot of research and thinking...I wired in a relay for the IPC/DIC circuit so it can only be powered when the key is on. No more battery draw. Only down side is when turn key off, gauges will stay where they were reading. But when turn key on it reads correctly so not a big issue.
  3. Just bought a 2004 Chevy Tahoe and after sitting for a day the battery is dead. Battery is weak, tests 360CCA out of rated 690. Alt is charging properly. Did parasitic draw test and found when pull fuse IPC/DIC the .380 amp draw goes away completely. Had the cluster rebuilt and having the same issue. Any help is appreciated!
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