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  1. So I fked up and was replacing the hp fuel pump and managed to break the tab on the hpfuel pump male connector. Whell hrs of searching I can't find or shmaby found the right connector but.... Would anyone know the definitive part? I've attached the picture of the connector. Currently I have it magically zip tied into place but would rather repin it and replace.
  2. Yeah i got the weather strip for the tail gate and I agree it's kinda silly. Thanks for the response with factual info I appreciate it, I'll do exactly that.
  3. It's not the canopy I checked that when we put it on even took it off twice to add sealant. It's the truck bed. Honestly I'm surprised there is any confusion on this topic. Go look at your truck you'll see it. The canopy place pointed out to me showed me exactly. I only wanted to know if anyone else had dealt with this with some aftermarket part or products but maybe even though I searched the mighty Google no one has ever looked deep into their truck bodies
  4. So if you stand at the back of the truck bend down to the tailgate level and look forward leaving left and right you can see through the corners of the bed or to the back of the cab. I figured I might just use black spray foam to fill the holes but couldn't find any aftermarket parts to cover that area. If you were to look between the cab and the box you can see holes at the front of the box. My idea was there is a cover of some kind you can get for that area on the front of the box between the cab not filling the whole gap but just converting it. But if not I'll figure it out. More curious th
  5. So I recently put on a canopy and was looking from the tailgate forward for gaps and noticed that at the sides of the box at the front you can see right through to the back of the cab. Anyone know of a "cover" for the front of the box or a safe way to fill these holes?
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