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  1. Hey, I live in the Middle East (Dubai) and I have purchased a 2018 1500 Silverado Single Cab as my Offroad truck. I have been facing many issues with the Silverado's 4WD and much more for about a year. but one problem that hasn't been fixed ever since. I hope someone would help me because it will save me months of hassle and I might go to court because of this bad dealership called Bin Hamoodah. they don't fix my car and they also give it back in a worse shape. unprofessional leaving oil finger prints in my car and scratches around the body. they also broke my rear bed latch. it doesn't open anymore but they apologized and said they would ''fix'' it. anyways aside from that. my issue is mainly with the 4WD disengaging and re-engaging randomly when driving in the sand. its very harsh on the car. suddenly the RPM revs up when it disconnects (4wd --> 2wd) then reconnects (2wd-4wd) and it revs go back down. it basically jerks the car and feels like your dropping the clutch. the dealership checked the 4WD actuator, we also test drove it in the sand with the OBD connected and the Computer said there are no issues and everything is fine. they also checked everything mechanically and it all seems to be perfect. they also ''replaced'' the Brake Module (I don't know if that does anything). The head mechanic said ''I've been here for 23 years and I have never seen this. so I don't know know where to start. either they aren't doing there work correctly or they are scamming me. I am ready to fix it out of the dealership but I just need a guide. you're help will be much appreciated and I will be very thankful. thank you best of regards.
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