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  1. Hi all, Im hoping i might be able to find some answers on here to some problems I am having, I'm usually pretty handy and able to fix things like this but I typically work with vehicles with 2 wheels not 4 and am a littler out of my wheelhouse. I have been experiencing some weird behaviour with my truck recently. One thing is that when I start the truck there will be no sound coming from the radio or speakers in any way. Even my signals wont "click" while they are indicating. I briefly read that this is a fairly common issue and there may not really be cure for it. I typically just turn the truck off and restart it until it works. This used to only happen very rarely but is now a daily issue. The main issue I have been having lately is that when i go to start it, the truck is having difficulty starting. It seems like the battery is dying. the starter engages and tries to turn over, then the lights dim and it sounds like the starter is almost goin to die but the truck will then start at the last min. I think I have had it once where it wouldnt start and i needed to boost it. I bought a new battery which i have yet to install cuz I am not totally sure that is the issue. I took a meter to the old battery and it read 12.5 - 12.5v so it seems to be fine. The brand new one reads the same. Could there be something else that is causing this issue? does anyone have any idea's or where i should look first? I don't want to install the new battery just in case i can't take it back and if that's not the real problem. It just seem that lately this truck is being a real pain. I would love to be able to fix both problems and keep the damn stealership out of it, i hate the idea of them knowing there are issues and then charging me a fortune to fix their mistakes. Thanks everyone hopefully I can find some knowledgeable folk to help me out
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