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  1. I just picked up a brand new 2021 Silverado on Friday with the 5.3L and 8 speed transmission. When I test drove the truck there didn't seem to be any issues with up shifting or down shifting of the truck. It ran smooth and looking back I am guessing it's because they had the truck already pulled up/warmed up waiting for me to arrive to the dealership. Fast forward to the next day when I went to take the vehicle to the store and pulling out of my driveway when I started accelerating the truck hesitated to shift into 2nd, then just slammed into 2nd and I was able to continue on my way. The shift into 3rd had a bit of hesitation but nothing like 1st to 2nd. Then once that first initial issue happened, the remainder of the drive that day had no issues. Then again today, the same scenario happened. Now obviously this truck is still under warranty with 75 miles on it but I am not sure how to approach the issue with the dealership. It's going to be tough to recreate the issue as the truck will be warm from me driving it there. I guess my hope is that someone else here maybe has suffered from this same issue and has a resolve to it or a path they took to get it resolved at the dealership. Thanks, Ryan
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