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  1. WE had the unfortunate problem to have the lifter problem occur at 7840 miles on Tahoe High County with 6.2 L engine. after weeks One row of lifters replaced but engine not further inspected. Drove away from dealer and 71 miles later it happened again. We were on vacation trip and lucky we could borrow family car during the weeks that the car was in warranty work at dealer in SC, Ravenel. ( GM dealer was not able to provide any type of car to use during the weeks of repair.)Second breakdown happened at exit 8 on I95 SC and we were towed to Bluffton Chevrolet dealer. That dealer was not interes
  2. New Tahoe HM, less then 8000 miles. Engine breakdown while on small vacation. Valve lifter came apart. Repair Chev dealer waited 8 days before GM warehouse delivered all needed parts. Then while repairs were underway, they notice a lifter rod was slightly bend. Ordered part. Car out of service more then 15 days already. This fact started my procedure under Florida lemon law. Put GM on Notice as required by that law. Wonder what will happen. Understand more issues are reported on same 6.3 8 cyl. Engine. Have had more then 15 GM cars and truck during the years. Never any mechanical problems
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