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  1. I posted in the mods section but didn’t get any pictures shared. I am considering the 3/5 drop from IHC suspension. And the 4/6 drop from belltech. I would love to see your pictures of your truck dropped with what drop you have and wheel/tire size please. And thank you. Looking to drop my RST duramax…
  2. As the title says I’d like to see pictures of 2019-2021 Silverado 1500’s dropped on the IHC suspension 3/5 drop kit. I’m considering this kit for my truck. I’m dropping this:
  3. Thank you bro. I appreciate your input. I was actually thinking about doing the belltech 4/6 drop. I wanted to get as low as I could. But with your input I am reconsidering. I’ll be installing the setup whatever I get. I live in Northern California so the roads aren’t real terrible. I’m surprised you say your shocks seem like they are already going out. Are your roads bad? Does the truck bottom out a lot? I figure I could probably buy a helper bag kit to add to the belltech if I do decide to go that rte?! Let me know. Thanks again. Your truck looks great by the way. Are those 22’s or 24’s?
  4. I’m looking for an airbag kit for my 2021 Silverado RST. I know there is a betlltech 4/6 drop kit. And also the IHC 3/5 drop kit. But if I can find an airbag kit that adjusts ‘ the ride height that would be great. Let me know what’s out there! Thanks -Dave
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