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  1. Has anyone had anything done that fixed this that any of you have heard of? Just got a software update that seemed to increase the time between occurrences.
  2. Dang Gruggas. Is this the same truck that got the exciter wheel replaced? I thought they were buying yours back. Just got done with my first oil change and got an ecm update. I’m sure I’ll be back at the dealer soon.
  3. I thought I read earlier someone left their truck with the dealer to drive to see if they could replicate the problem with a computer hooked to it. Was there ever a response posted as to what they found? How many have had the shim installed? I see Camille with no issues yet. Anyone else?
  4. Has anyone has the “shim” installed on the cam shaft position sensor long enough to know if that fixed the issue?
  5. How much work was this shim to add. I am hoping they did not have to remove the cab. Man that would be awesome if that was the fix. Ugh. Just reread far enough back that your truck has been in the shop for a while. Maybe the cab did have to come off?
  6. 5th crank no start today. I have tightened the fuse box bolts. Jumped out and checked them and one was no longer torqued correctly. But as others have said I’m not confident on this or the exciter wheel. Finally got video of it though.
  7. Was there a change in 21 to the fuse box and is the thought it is a grounding issue that may be the issue? Is that box grounded through those bolts?
  8. I just went and tightened the fuse panel bolts. The four inside the box correct? They weren’t loose but I could make few turns with a 1/4 drive ratchet. I don’t have an inch# torque wrench that goes real low so I just felt it out. Worth a shot.
  9. I am quickly falling out of the exciter wheel causing it club. 12k miles. Seems that would have shown up way earlier. Sure seems like a software something makes more sense. May be proven wrong but if GM hasn’t got one of these trucks hooked to computer 24/7 and being driven daily we may never know the issue. Kinda wishing I would have bought that 2018 land cruiser with 80k on it for the same $$$$.
  10. I think the real question is has GM replaced this part on any vehicle and it fixed the crank no start issue. Only one I know of replaced and returned is on this forum and it did not fix it. And how many have been checked and were not bent but have the starting issue.
  11. That is why I’m hesitant to take it in like everyone else is also. I am also not convinced the exciter wheel is the issue. I guess I will just because if the motor were to grenade due to the bent part and I refused the tear down where would I be. This is a bit frustrating. Makes me a bit regretful on buying. Love everything about the truck but feeling a bit stuck like everyone else.
  12. Does anyone have the actual service bulletin number I could give my dealer? I saw it earlier in this thread but could make out the number. Thanks.
  13. Man. Seeing that is disheartening. I want mine fixed as much as anyone but that’s a big decision to let them tear into the truck that far and not be 100% sure that is the issue. I hope it fixes for you.
  14. Does anyone know if GM has acknowledged this issue and that the exciter wheel was not the fix? I would think they could take one of the trucks that have been replaced (one on this forum as I understood it) and plug in a computer and drive the dang thing till it happened. That is if they acknowledge this is fairly common. It seems a trip to the dealer is useless if they can replicate the issue at the time of the visit. Just my thoughts.
  15. #4 today at 3500 miles. Ben trying to record my starts but missed it due to rain and moving my daughter. Beyond frustrating it being so hit and miss.
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