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  1. hard water spots

    Bought a used 2013 Duramax recently and either the previous owner or the dealership washed it with hard water and let it air dry. Hard water spots all over the paint and glass. A good 3 step cleaner, polish and wax took care of the paint, but the glass was a different story until I found this: http://www.driventoperfection.com/products/automotive/driven-extreme-duty-glass-cleaner This with a micro-fiber towel worked wonders on the glass with no damage. Highly recommended product for hard water stains on glass.
  2. I bought a used 2013 Duramax a few months back. At some point prior to my purchase someone washed the vehicle with hard water and didn't wipe it dry. There were hard water spots all over the paint and glass. The paint wasn't a problem with a good cleaner wax and polish, but the glass was a different story until I found this product: http://www.driventoperfection.com/products/automotive/driven-extreme-duty-glass-cleaner I highly recommend this product if you are having trouble with hard water spots on your glass.
  3. Recently purchased a used 2013 2500HD silverado. The truck has the 8-lug 5-spoke 20" OEM polished aluminum rims (see attached). Can anyone tell me if these rims are clear coated? If not clear coated I hear they take a bit of TLC to maintain. Any recommendations? Mothers powerball with a quality polish OK? Which polish?
  4. Proud owner of a new-to-me 2013 Chevy Silverado 2500HD LTZ 4x4 Z71 Duramax. So far loving the truck. Time to start accessorizing. The power is impressive. Can't wait to hook the boat up this coming weekend. It's a certified pre-owned which comes with 2 years of scheduled maintenance. Once that's up I'm thinking of running synthetic with an extended drain interval. Thinking of going Amsoil, but I'm open to recommendations. Any advice for someone new to diesel (additives, things to watch out for, add-ons to improve life, etc.)? Hoping to keep this one running for a long time.
  5. 2013 Silverado 2500HD Duramax

  6. AutoAnything 22% Discount Code

    Nice! Ordered a set of Westin Platinum SS step bars.
  7. Debating back and forth between new and used. Property taxes here in the oppressed land of Connecticut are ridiculous so I'm thinking used. Came across a mint 2011 Silverado crew cab z71 4x4 2500hd duramax ltz with 52k miles. Looks super clean. They're asking $40k. Warranty is up in October. Seems a little steep for a 5 y/o truck especially since a brand new one is going for $55k just down the street. Gonna take it for a test drive later today and crawl around under it to see just how clean it really is. Thoughts on price?
  8. Looking to pull the trigger on a new 2500HD duramax this year. For reasons of space in the garage and not needing a crew cab, I'm looking to get a double cab standard bed 4x4 SLE or SLT. I'm having trouble locating one around here. Seems the dealers carry the crew cabs over the double cabs and even fewer with a duramax. The discounts for taking a truck off the lot seems to be substantial ($5k - $9k off MSRP depending on dealer). How much closer to list would I expect to pay if I either asked the dealer to locate one or if I ordered one? On the positive side I am available for the GM supplier discount through work, but that's only about a $3k off MSRP and a few thousand more than the discounts I'm seeing. I'm leaning towards ordering one to get exactly what I want, but I'd end up paying more with the GM supplier discount. Also I've never ordered a vehicle before. What's the typical lead time? Thanks, Chris
  9. After a bunch of research, discussion with current owners and consternation (I research the $hit out of everything especially dropping this kind of coin) I've come to the conclusion buy a new 2015 or 2016 or a 2007 classic LBZ to avoid the DPF and the DEF. Now $30K+ for a cherry 2007 classic (an almost 9 year old truck at this point) is steep so I'll probably go new and deal with the added maintenance of the new emissions standards. I test drove a 2015 and man is it nice! Who knows... I may (and probably will) change my mind again. Further thoughts are appreciated.
  10. Well we don't quite need a 3/4 ton to transport all the firearms... yet.
  11. Double axle trailer for hauling firewood and a 26' Robalo walk-around. My brother-in-law is trying to convince me to get a couple of sleds for winter fun, but the current truck would pull those no problem. My wife has been talking about maybe a camper too at some point in time. Is there such a thing as too many toys or is it a problem of not enough time to play with all of them?
  12. $10-12k off list makes the decision more palitable. Leaning towards new just because I plan to keep it a while. My current 2006 1500 (bought new) has 125k miles and is holding up very well. If it wasn't for outgrowing it, I could see keeping the 2006 to 200k+ miles.
  13. Over the years I've been steadily increasing the size of the toys and equipment I pull and continue to outgrow my trucks before they are ready for retirement. I have decided the next truck will be a 2500HD with the Duramax. Looking to buy in about a year. I don't think I'll be outgrowing a 3/4 ton Duramax so I plan to keep this one for a long time. My debate is between brand new or used. If used 2006 or 2007 classic (pre-emissions LBZ) or only a few years old. Obviously a new Duramax is a big sticker shock (MSRP of ~ $59k for what I'm looking for + high property taxes here in Konnecticut). I can afford it, but I have heart-burn spending $25-30k on a nice low-mileage 2006-2007. Is $25k+ difference worth 10 years in life? I am leaning toward biting the bullet on new or slightly used since I plan to keep the truck for a long time anyhow (15-20 years). Thoughts? If I do go used, go for a few years old or pre-emissions (2006 or 2007 classic LBZ) and if so what should I watch out for? I'm sure this isn't the first time this has been debated. Thanks in advance for the feedback. Chris
  14. DTC P0030

    Wiring and connector looks good so I am assuming the sensor is bad. Should I repalce just the one throwing a code or is it a good idea to replace all 4? I read somewhere that even if the others aren't throwing a code replacing the sensors will restore some mileage. Any truth to this? Also with 119K could the other 3 be on their way out anyhow?
  15. DTC P0030

    The check engine light came on the other day and I'm throwing a code of P0030 which is Bank 1 Sensor 1 (driver's side upstream pre-cat) O2 heater control circuit. I checked the fuse and that's fine. Any other checks I should perform or shoudl I just replace the sensor? Also seems to be a number of brands. Should I stick with AC Delco or go with Bosch or ??? Truck is a 2006 GMC Sierra with 5.3L V8 and about 119K. Thanks in advance. Chris

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