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  1. Tdubbzter, was the G218 ground eventually the issue? Did mikey's suggestion fix your issue?
  2. Thanks for narrowing it down a bit. I have found that the RUN/CRNK relay works, as I pop it in and out there is a click in the intake. Unfortunately that does seem the route to go. What I will do is spend a good day pulling the entire wire mess down and see where the wires came from. I'll print off a bunch of wire diagrams, and hopefully see what happens when everything is all plugged back in. If I am desperate, I'll try cleaning grounds all over, checking for voltage in the fuel pump, starter, etc.
  3. 2007 Sierra 5.3, I refill a litre too frequently at around 100km, cylinder 3 burns oil crazily and needs new plug every 400km, and I could have a pan gasket leak as I offroad and do not bother to look under.
  4. Hello, new here, and I need help troubleshooting a truck I just bought. The engine, starter, fuel pump, and transfer case I know are good. Though, what I think the issue is a bad ground, a bad park sensor, a result of cut wires within the dash, or a bad ignition switch. Here is what I have observed: - No gear selector underline on the dash to let me know what gear I am in - No security issue - I cannot scan using the OBDII port - There are 5 wires hanging down, cut, coming from all the way up from what looks like a junction box with a bunch of connections - No clicks, no fuel pump, no turnover upon trying to start the truck. What I currently assume is that because the truck does not know what gear it is in, whether Park or Neutral, it does not want to start. Now I am wondering, what does it take for the truck to want to start? The previous owner seems to not know what he is doing and tried to cut random wires, try silly fixes, and he took apart the lower dash and steering column covers. I do not know what has gone through his head, and the reasoning he gave me does not make sense. Any help or advice is appreciated, and I hope to learn a lot as I fix this issue! Edit: It is a 2007 Extended Cab Sierra Worktruck WT trim, no power windows, locks, ABS, etc.
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