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  1. Received my ECM flash today. One thing that stood out to me is that the crank didn’t necessarily seem “longer” as it did faster if that makes sense. Either way, so far so good. Hopefully this is the permanent fix.
  2. Truck now has 5200 miles with 4 crank/no start episodes. Going next Friday for oil change and the ECM flash. Will update afterwards.
  3. I'm really glad I found this site and this thread. I recently picked up a 21 Sierra 1500 LT with the 3.0 babymax. I have 2k on the odometer and had my first crank/no start event last night. It makes me very leery due to my last experience owning a Sierra. I had a 2016 1500 Denali that the dealership had for two months due to a 8-speed tranny replacement. I had to fight GM tooth and nail to get any help on that whatsoever. The bad tranny was after I replaced the A/C condenser coil, the starter (twice), vacuum pump, and both front magneride struts on a truck with less than 70k on the odometer. Before that I had a 2015 1500 with a litany of issues also. Depending on how bad this crank/no start issue ends up being, this may very well be the that GM vehicle I own.
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