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  1. I think I figured it out, and it was my mistake. There is the "Manual" 2nd row buckets and the "Power" 2nd row buckets. I had only seen the "Manual" buckets and when you add those it takes off the Z71 package. You can add the Power 2nd row buckets without losing the Z71 package. All is right with the world
  2. We are looking at the Build & Price on Chevy website on a Z71 Tahoe. What is the logic that you can't get the 2nd Row Bucket seats without totally getting rid of the Z71 Package? If we add the Z71 Package, then go to add 2nd row buckets, it makes you remove the entire Z71 package. Is there any way at all to build out a Z71 Tahoe with the Z71 Package AND 2nd row buckets? Or are we pretty much forced to pick between a RST with 2nd row buckets or a Z71 without the Z71 package and buckets? Looks like you CAN order the Suburban Z71 with 2nd row buckets. Guess that's an option as well
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