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  1. 2003 Silverado 5.3 4x4 Single cab long box 75,****** miles Just got some body work done to my truck last week. They replaced the hood and roof due to heavy hail damage. When I got my truck back I noticed a few things not working. Driver side door no longer turns off radio and dash lights with ignition off and door open but passenger door turns everything off. Dome light does not turn on, 3rd break light does not function anymore. Rearview mirror air bag indicator for passenger seat doesn't light up anymore. I've check basics like fuses pulled the headliner down to see if the wire had been cut. I haven't had time to dig any deeper but will plan to check to see if I have power at the connectors tonight. I really don't want rake it back and throw a fuss if it's something I can fix myself for cheap.
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