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  1. I was having an issue with my 1992 P30 454 TBI based motorhome starting after sitting for a few months. In the end it turned out to be the hot fuel module that primes the system if it's vapor locked. I park my MH in my driveway with the fuel tank a bit lower than the front end. The problem turned out to be no prime function due to a burnt up hot fuel module. After looking for a replacement, I found that there was no replacement on the market. This caused me to begin a project that would help me and any others looking for this module. I started out thinking that I could reproduce the OEM module but discovered that the OEM module had an inherent design flaw that caused them to fry a transistor internally. I decided to redesign the module using more up to date components. This is what I ended up with: I ended up producing the board using a microcontroller to set the timing and an automotive grade relay to switch voltage to the fuel pump. A Schottky diode in line to prevent reverse voltage. The result was a module that plugged directly into the original housing that had less voltage loss to the fuel pump and allowed for multiple delay times. O also added an LED indicator to let you know when it was active. It's been in use now for several months in my motorhome and those of several others that have replaced their OEM units with mine. I had a number of PCBs produced and have enough components to produce about 10 more units. I even sourced out the connector and developed a board that I could put in my own housing in case someone didn't have their original housing, or their housing was not in usable condition. Just curious if there is any need for this module in the general GM community.
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