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  1. Yeah I’m not sure what to do at this point. Guess I’ll scrap the idea of using this button and find a different one
  2. I tried it that way on the first button I bought and it fried it
  3. Yes I got it to load. Thank you that’s very helpful. Let me ask you this, I have the positive and negative from the old usb hooked up to the button now and the LED light for the button isn’t coming on. Does the wire from the solenoid need to be hooked up to it before the light will come on?
  4. I have a question for you wiring experts. I’m wanting to use this button as the horn button for my train horns and I was wanting to put it in this spot where the charging port was(wires sticking out). Can I use the wires that went to the charging port to power the horn button? If so how would I go about wiring up to the button with the solenoid wire being thrown into the mix? Last picture is a pic of the wiring diagram for the button
  5. Does anyone know of an audio company online that makes line output converters for our trucks that have the factory plug already installed on it so all you do is plug it in to where the factory sub would be plugged in at?
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