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  1. Okay I know this is my first post, but not my first post on off road or tech forums. But anyone every installed these on a 2022 Chevy 2500hd? I previously emailed them just to confirm they would fit and they said they "should". They seem to have a good rep so I went with them. Well the lower bolt on for the lower mount and hinge I could not fit my hand into to get access to. I asked my to try and see if she could do it and she could not either. So needless to say I'm in a back and forth email discussion with them because they don't want to talk on the phone. They haven't been helpful and I'm probably going to end them back. Anyone else have some thing similar? I'm trying to stay low enough to be able to still into parking garages when we go on vacation. Or I just might say screw it and put a headache rack in the back to mount lights. Don't want to but it seems like its looking that way. Don't want to take off the chrome bumper or put a push bar on it because I'm ocdish and it blocks the Chevrolet grill letters Thanks, Dave https://sdhqoffroad.com/products/20-current-chevy-gmc-2500-3500-sdhq-built-a-pillar-light-mounts
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