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  1. Experiencing intermittent electrical issues. From all normal driving to dash gauges quitting, door locks jumping up/down repeatedly, info warnings to Service Traction Control, Service Trailer Brake System, Service Stabilitrac System, dash chimes, hard transmission shift, momentary engine stalling out … have had truck in to dealer repeatedly to investigate. Last time in the dealer replaced the Transmission Control Module. This lasted about 8 months of casual driving, no trailering. I have asked dealer to check and/or replace the negative battery cables, this seems like a “grounding” issue to me. Truck has 100,012 miles. At 82,000 it had the dreaded High Pressure Fuel a pump disintegrate and replaced all the fuel lines, pump, injectors, etc. associated with the pump failure. All service work and all repairs have been done by the selling dealer. I do not have any issues with the dealer, they have been great to work with and understanding my problem with the truck. I am wondering if others with similar issues have found a common correction to this “intermittent” problem. Thanks for any suggestions.
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