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  1. Are the wiper arms and metal blade covers OEM? I had the same issue until I found that the metal cover that the wiper blade attaches to were the wrong ones. Had to check GM parts to find out.
  2. I just sold my 2007 Sierra Denali and the next owner didn't want the autoCal that I got when I got a black Bear tune. I'm looking to sell the whole unit (never used) but because I've never used it, I don't know what all is stored inside. If my original tune IS stored, will it work on other similar GM trucks? Then the most important question, what would be a fair price to ask?
  3. Previous owner swapped out ECM with a different truck's and didn't reprogram?
  4. I did this replacement about 2 years ago and yes the wood trim is removable. Total job was very easy. Removing the whole top from counsel makes it much easier.
  5. Maybe this is why I see so many expired license plate stickers!!
  6. Apparently NC makes you declare that your truck is commercial, here in CA, your truck is automatically considered commercial. Nice to know, thanks for the reply.
  7. Without getting into the politics of the issue, I was wondering how much others are paying for there yearly license plate fees. Mine came due next month and I was quite shocked as to the amount. ($350 for a 12 year old pickup) I asked my son about his truck , which is a few years newer, and he said that his was OVER $800. Geez, what are the new trucks paying for there's? Oh, by the way, this is California's. The fees for my truck are: registration fee- $136, License fee- $46, Weight fee-$154, county/district fee- $11. The weight fee got me curious and I found out that ALL pick-up trucks are considered as "Commercial vehicles" unless you have modified the truck to be a camper type. (I.E. running water etc.) then you'd get a "non-commercial" plate. Oh, an by-the-way, I had too get a SMOG certification also! (another $65) This just another reason I'm getting ready to move to another state!
  8. I agree with dsr611. It has a LOT to do with resale $$$. $6500 for a 2009 "work truck" vs $14000 for a fully loaded Silverado Z71. Most people don't get a build sheet. Now I'd have to question the mileage.
  9. I did mine at 50000 miles. I've been a believer that all new mechanical items have a break-in period and will find the sweet spot by removing the "high spots". and those metal pieces go some where. Flushing the system removes the "break-in fluid" . I've had 5 vehicles and NEVER had any issues of any kind with over 250000 miles on all of them.
  10. Just because it's old doesn't make it worth a lot. Being rare (like only a couple of thousand MFG'd or a special item on only a few) would make them more desirable.
  11. Just a thought.If the hood is released it's also supposed to stop. Any chance the switch is loose or out of adjustment and vibration sets it off as open?
  12. When using the auto start, isn't suppose to automatically stop (turn off engine) around 4-5 minutes?
  13. 25 cent part for $25 from GM,.... sounds about right. Gee that's ONLY 10,000% mark up!
  14. Had my 07 Denali's replaced about 4 years ago and it cracked again about 2 weeks ago. Just get a dash mat and then it's out of sight and just live with it. The issue is like CRP757 said.
  15. I'm sorry, but I'm not following. You said "I went and paid the $100 bucks from the dealer and took the other one out, replaced with the new one." What other one?
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