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  1. "84152501 is what my 19 came with. Can’t imagine they changed them for 21 but I have no way of knowing. Just don’t spend that much. $85 eBay for a set of four. Still more than the $50 option but a lot less than that dealer price." That is what I was thinking and I also saw the ones that you are referring to and will order those. "Will the truck recognize more than 4 extra sensors? At different times? I would like to install these on 3 trailers. Two are 2-axle trailers and a single axle trailer." I believe that you set up a profile for each trailer, but I am TOTALLY new to the new gadgets on my truck. I went from 2008 Duramax to what I have now. Thanks to all who replied!
  2. Does anyone know what the P/N is for these sensors? The closest that I came up with is for the 2020 which is 84152501. I was quoted $263 from the dealer for these but they did not provide the P/N. Thanks in advance
  3. Its been quite awhile since I have been on here, but I just purchased a 2021 GMC Sierra 1500 SLT with the Prograde Trailing Package. My question is should I have received TPS's with this truck for my boat trailer? I see where earlier year models did but not sure on the 2021 models. Any ideas on this would be helpful before I approach the Dealership. Thanks in Advance
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