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  1. OK, 1997 suburban,(145K miles) when driving slow or highway speed the steering seems really light. I can barley move the wheel and then I have to correct it. It's like it's floating as my wife would say. I've have an alinement, all new front steering components, bushings, shocks all. Original steering pump and gear box. It's done this since I've had it and i've learned to drive it like it is, but I would like to try to fix this problem.
  2. Yeah, I think I'm going to order 3:73's. I've got a lot going on right now. Trying to get ready to move to a new town (San Angelo, Tx) in the next couple of weeks so I'm going to try to get this done. I'm doing this myself so I've got to have a good weekend to do it! I'm down to one vehicle as my wife is working in said town right now and I'm being a single Dad right now until the end of the school year.
  3. I've towed a lot of stuff in Overdrive with my 3:73 geared 2005 GMC crew and never had a problem with it disengaging the converter. I'm not towing a lot of weight. My enclosed trailer just has a lot of drag to it. I saw somewhere that TCI or B&M made a tow/haul module for these models, but i'm not sure. 3:73's were what I was thinking. I didn't want to go to high of a gear numerically.
  4. I'm thinking about changing my rear gears to get better towing out of it. I tow a 6x12 enclosed trailer that's capable of hauling 2010lbs sometimes and the 3:42s aren't really good at towing. My choices are 3:73, 3:90 or 4:10's. I would think 4:10 would be to low and just kill mpg. When I'm towing it right now the converter kicks in and out. I would like to have it to where it can just tow smooth. thanks!
  5. Good! I got the new ECM the other day and installed it and it runs great!
  6. Is there a C.A.S.E. relearn on '97 5.7 vortecs?
  7. Well I finally broke down and got a Black bear tune coming. I did the ecm exchange. Sure hope all the good I hear about them is true! Question is, do you have to done a C.A.S.E. relearn on a '97 vortec?
  8. I've heard it both ways, better throttle response and free flow, not worth the money doesn't change it much at all. Also iv'e read that just a free flowing filter works just as well.
  9. Well as they say…."To each his own!" . I've install them on my Suburban and they work really well. A lot of times electric fans are installed directly to the radiator with no type of shroud. Installing a fan that way will be less efficient than a mechanical fan with a shroud. For me the 2 16" fans that I installed with a shroud work great and I've noticed that the engine and A/C is cooler.
  10. Ok, all you painters out there professional and weekend warriors, I need a little help here. I would like to try to change the color of my '97 suburban. I'm Looking at possible doing a flat black. (my favorite color). I have done enough research to know that I can just paint over the original paint by sanding it with 600 or so, grit sandpaper or scotchbright ect. I've got to fix a few dings that are very shallow so I know I can just feather out those areas and use filler to smooth it all out. Now, where I'm confused is, do I just primer the areas that I fix, scuff the original paint and spray color or do I need to primer the whole vehicle? I'm thinking of using Eastwood's 1 stage Urethane rat rod satin paint. Not looking for a fancy paint job, just something cool and different.
  11. I will probably get a variety of answers here but........... Are intake kits like K&n, AEM Air Raid ect. worth the $ on 96-99 chevys???
  12. I was hoping to increase a little mpg. Also in the summer when you are stopped and the A/C is on the A/C stays cool because the electric fans are pulling more air through the radiator than the stock belt driven fan is at engine idle. The fans do not run all the time either while you are driving so the engine is not pulling on a fan all the time increasing your mpg a little. had a 2005 GMC crew cab with OEM electric fans and it worked great. These big ol burbs need all the help they can get. I'm getting 18+ mpg now. Plus I have a 250 amp alternator and the fans don't even pull down on my electrical circuit at all. The shroud that I built is more efficient too because it helps pull more air through the radiator. Another plus is that there is more room between the radiator and the engine.
  13. I haven't been on here a while so I thought I might update you with what I did for my cooling fan set up. I got 2 16" fans from Summit racing and built an aluminum shroud for the radiator. Fans are temp controlled with a sensor and I also added a relay fan the fans to come on when the A/C compressor is on. Good thing I did all of this as the radiator was full of dirt and crud that had accumulated over the years being on the farm! engine runs a lot cooler now!
  14. This is what I want! https://sdparts.com/details/gm-performance-parts/17800393
  15. I know that I can buy a replacement 383 stroker from Scoggin Dickey parts for around $4600, but can I build one with the 350 I have now in my '97 Suburban cheaper?
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